​We find ourselves in the Italian North End 1919 where immigrant families struggle to grab their chance at the American Dream. Molasses offers work, hope and a chance at romance. No one ever thought that a tank holding two million gallon of molasses would burst changing their life forever. A true event based on the Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919.

Molasses in January is an original musical play shown Off Broadway for the first time.

This is a total new story, new music, written to be a musical play. It is fun, exciting, great entertainment for all ages!

This production is done in the traditional musical style of the great American Song Book.

A timeless musical that will make you laugh and cry, reminding us that life can change in the moment​.

  • Molasses in January3:55

Francine Pellegrino  |  pellepro@aol.com

​617 899-1363

"Molasses in January" Loved by New York, great audiences reviews, great off Broadway run, great success

​Thank You New York

Original musical play fun for all ages



Over a two month run off Broadway at Theater Center "Molasses in January" closes. 

Written, composed and lyrics by
Francine Pellegrino

Whitney Stone

Musical director
Michael Wittenburg